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US car dealer & direct importer

US CAR Buddies

“US Car Buddies” is an affiliate of MiMo Export LLC based in Tampa, Florida, with offices in Tampa and Dortmund. We specialize in the sale and import of vehicles from the United States, in particular, cars but also trucks, motorcycles, motor boats etc. with a particular focus on classic cars.

Many years’ of experience in the US vehicle market

The company has been importing US vehicles to Germany and other European countries since 2005. This makes the team headed by CEO Michael Christoph Mittag veterans of the export business. The vehicles are purchased on-site in Tampa and sold at the Dortmund location.

Comprehensive car buying and direct import services

The company acts as both a dealer for US cars and a service provider for businesses and individuals looking to buy and directly import a vehicle from the United States. All vehicles will be examined carefully on-site which includes test driving them. A single contact person in Germany oversees the entire project from start to finish and will be available to you at all times. Ongoing status updates ensure security and transparency throughout the entire purchase process. The vehicles will be shipped directly from Florida to Bremerhaven.

Based in the United States and Germany

We are at home in both countries and offer German thoroughness combined with an American instinct for deal-making. In addition, we are familiar with all relevant laws and regulations both in the United States and in Germany. This ensures a smooth purchase and import process.

Why choose US Car Buddies?

Expert dealer and importer of US vehicles

Long-standing US market experience

German-speaking contact persons

Thorough inspection of all vehicles in the USA

Transparency and status updates at all times

All payments are processed in Germany

What are you waiting for? Contact US Car Buddies today.

Excellent support

German-speaking staff

High safety standards

Purchase transaction in Germany

Transparent processes