Purchasing USA

Michael Christoph Mittag
+1 813 810 8443

Sale Germany

Peter Dornheim
+49 173 299 1057

For price-sensitive customers and bargain hunters we offer vehicles for 10,000 Euros or less in our FB group “US cars under € 10,000 (direct import)”. This is a flat rate that includes all costs and charges for the visual inspection as well as travel expenses, shipping to the departure port, customs clearance in the United States, shipping to Germany, customs clearance and customs duties in Germany and unloading at the destination in Bremerhaven.

In this group we continuously post new ads for vehicles offered in the United States, especially in Florida, that are very interesting in terms of their price tag and condition. Please check in regularly, we might already have listed your dream car. Purchasing your US car by way of a direct import means there won’t be any additional costs.


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